TURF Collective

This is a branding project for TURF Collective, an all female group of creatives from Ireland that have relocated to the US.

Ireland is our home, but we have made a new life for ourselves in the US. With the current political landscape in turmoil, our ever changing visa status threatens our future here. It feels like we are in a constant state of uncertainty, between two nations. The branding reflects this sentiment by creating a new and temporary nation, TURF, between the US and Ireland.

TURF Collective had their debut show in The John Doe Gallery Brooklyn, and have been featured in the Irish Times, Above The Fold, District Magazine and more.

Personal project, New York.

TURF Flag Mopckup Fabric.jpg
TURF 3Poster Mockup1.jpg
TURF Urban Mockup 1.jpg
TURF Currency Mockup1.jpg
TURF Currency Explanation 2019.jpg
TURF Exhibition Photos-01.png
TURF Exhibition Photos-02.png
TURF Exhibition Photos-03.png